What is the workflow name to create purchase order automatically?

What is the workflow name to create purchase order automatically?
Workflow is integrated with Oracle Purchasing and it is possible to automatically create standard purchase order or
blanket releases off of approved Req lines. The workflow is called PO Create documents. Workflow builder can
be used to alter PO Create Documents as per business requirements.
PO Create Documents is made up of several processes which are group of functions. Each function/process can be modified.
For Each approved req lines, PO Create Documents workflow is triggered or called. This creates a new document and PO
Approval Workflow is also called to approve this document.

The workflow begins automatic document creation if you’ve kept the item
attribute Is Automatic Creation Allowed? set to Y for Yes, if source documents are
associated with the requisition lines, and you have properly set up sourcing rules.

The document type created by PO Create Documents workflow depends on source document associated with requisition lines.

If the source document for req line is a quotation then a standard PO is created.
If the source document is a blanket purchase agreement, a release is created.

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Explain the Physical Inventory reconciliation Process used in Inventory.

Explain the Physical Inventory reconciliation Process used in Inventory.

It is a periodic process of counting all the inventory items in the entire oraganization or subinventories.
Adjustments are then posted to GL after review.
Here are the steps

1- Define Physical Inventory:
Inventory > counting > Physical Inventory > Physical Inventories > New
(form name INVADPPI.fmb) – In this form you can also define the tolerance and specific sub-inventories.

Enter a physical inventory name and description which goes into MTL_PHYSICAL_INVENTORIES Table.

under approval you can choose
Always –
This means you cannot run Adjustments program until all the adjustments are approved.

2- Take the count(Snapshot) of current inventory:
Use the above form and click on snapshot button or Tools > Perform Snapshot.
Once Snapshot Process (INCAPF) completes, the snapshot complex box is check, the snapshot date is updated and the Tags button is enabled
in the define physical inventory window.

Make sure no transaction acitivity takes places during this process.

Next Question: Describe INCAPF Process.
3- Generate Tags:
Tags are piece of printed paper/stickers which are posted at an item’s location and display item information, qty etc.
What is Allow dynamic Tags checkbox used for?

Use this path to generate Tags: Inventory > Counting > Physical Inventory > Tag Generation
Form Name = INVARPGT
Use the Generate Button on the form to generate Tags.
Next:Define INCAPT Program in detail.
4- Print the Tags:
5- Counts Items

6- Enter Counts

7- Void Tags

8- Approve Counts

9- Run Adjustments

10- Purge Physical inventory

To be covered next:

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What are the different process used for controlling and improving inventory records.

There are 3 methods in Oracle Apps.
1-ABC Analysis
2-Cycle counting
3-Physical Inventory

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Can Transaction summary window display the transaction flexfield values?

Can Transaction summary window display the transaction flexfield values?
No, The tranaction summary has only the header information. Since each transactions can
have many lines and each lines can have many line transaction FF contexts and values. it is not
possible to display this information on summary form.

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Describe the Invoice Transaction Flexfield?

Describe the  Invoice Transaction Flexfield?
It tells you about the source product e.g Order Management.
The created_from column has the value RAXTRX. These transactions cannot be modified.
DESC_FLEX can be modified which is the description field.

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Describe the Line Transaction flexfield?

Describe the Line Transaction flexfield?

Line Transaction Flexfield – To store the Line Level information of each incoming transaction line.
The transaction may be chargebacks, credit memos, deposits and invoices.
There are 8-10 seeded flexfield already defined e.g OKS CONTRACTS..used by service contracts.
Applicable tables:
Responsibility: Receivables Manger
Navigation: Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Descriptive > Segments
OR Alternately you can use this path as well.
Using the System Administrator responsibility complete the following navigation:
  Application > FlexField > Descriptive > Segments.
Related question:
What are segments for OKS contract?

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What are the different Flexfield setup required for Receivables

1- What are the different Flexfield setup required for Receivables:
Note: please refer to the Oracle Receivables User’s Guide, page 2-234 for complete description.
There are 4 different transaction flexfields. These are descriptive flexfield that is used by
AutoInvoice to uniquely identify transactions line.
a) Line Transaction Flexfield
b) Link-to Transaction Flexfield
c) Reference Transaction Flexfield
d) Invoice Transaction Flexfield(TRANSACTION_FLEX)

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